About This Website

The dynamic duoWhy Code?

Hi! My name is Marc, and I'm a Drupal developer who has been working with Drupal 7 since 2013 and have built many sites and custom modules with Drupal 7. While I'm well aware of Drupal 8, I've been too busy and (to be honest) a little intimated by it! So, I've been pushing off learning it. In a way to force me to move towards the future of the platform, I decided that I should document my journey learning Drupal 8. What better way to do this on a blog built on Drupal 8 starting from (literally) scratch and building it out slowly as I write my posts.

Why Chef?

I also love to cook and create new recipes. Recently, my wife and I decided to switch to the ketogenic way of eating and there are so many new things to try. So I thought "hey, why not share both my web passions and my cooking ideas for everyone to enjoy?"

I hope your visit allows you to learn something new!