Where am I with Drupal 8?

Submitted by Marc on Sat, 03/17/2018 - 14:36

One of the original goals of this website was to help me train on Drupal 8 and I promise I will get there! I'm just involved with a Drupal 7 site build at the moment (which is going very well) and so I'm putting off my Drupal 8 training for a little bit. But I'll get back there! One thing to note about this recent build is I've incorporated two new technologies that I've not used in production before - CSS Grid and CSS Variables. I also started with the Tao theme so I could start with as base a level as possible. I'm now realizing I could have gone one level deeper and started with just some basic CSS resets and not rely on the base template.php code from Tao as it's sort of gotten in the way a little bit.

What does this have to do with Drupal 8? I am really using the template.php file in Drupal 7 more in this build than I have in previous builds. In the past, I've added PHP directly into the tpl files, but, I'm realizing that in Drupal 8 and twig, I'll need to stop these bad practices and do things the correct way. Reminds me of my MVC training from years ago. That said, for this build, I'm trying to keep the tpl files as clean from logic as possible and using the preprocess functions when needed. This is the way it should be in D8 and so I'm trying to form some good habits for when I get there. Soon, I'll start to theme this site which is on D8 and so I'll be able to post some updates about that process. I just need a design which I'm not very good at. We'll see!