Where I've Been

Submitted by Marc on Sun, 12/02/2018 - 11:30

Seems that I've been pretty absent from the site for a while. The holidays crept up on us so quickly and I've been pretty busy on the weekend so not a lot of time to update the site. I figure that 2018 was a good introduction to the CodeChef Marc idea and my goal in 2019 is to really build out this vision and update it far more regularly. Updates from each piece:


My recent Drupal 8 training have gotten me ready to finally redesign this site! The plan for now is to move the site to another host. I'll build out the new site with new design on the other host and I'll blog about the progress here. Then, when I'm ready to switch, I'll post about that process too.


I've been using the Instant Pot a lot more recently and have discovered a lot of really great new recipes. So, I hope to post about those on here as well. My goal is to really start taking more photos for the blog so I'll actually have some nice visuals to go along with the posts.