Keep Calm and Keto On

Submitted by Marc on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:45
Rows of kale at SRJC's Shone Farm

As mentioned in the about page, my wife and I started a ketogenic way of eating in June of 2017. Basically, we've kept to the diet for the most part and are both down about 30 lbs. However, this isn't the ultimate goal of our keto lifestyle. We've noticed tons of changes in our lifestyle from feeling healthier in general, sleeping better, better skin, less allergic reactions, and other amazing side effects. The main reason I started on this way of eating was the potential medical benefits. After some blood tests, I found my numbers put me into a possible pre-diabetic stage. Thankfully, after just 3 months on keto, those numbers have dropped and I'm no longer pre-diabetic. Our goal is to keep this up and, soon, add some bodyweight exercise to the routine as well to help build some muscle.

This blog will help tell our story as well as post some of our successful recipes gathered from the Internets and podcasts. We're not medical professionals, so read our posts with that in mind. If you're interested in the keotgentic way of eating, I'll have a full page of resources on here soon that I will link to. Additionally, always check with your doctor when changing your diet or lifestyle. We've had some great appointments with our doctor when we first started and we got blood tests at the start and at the 3-month mark to make sure things were moving in the right direction.

More to come!