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This page will hopefully be a living document of sorts. It's a modified version of an email we've been sending to people who are interesting in learning more about keto. We started with a little coaching from a keto-experienced friend and a book, but the links below are where we get most of our info and tips.

Notes Before We Begin

  • IMPORTANT: If you have ANY health issues, be sure to discuss this with a doctor who is up on the current research regarding the ketogenic way of eating. It's becoming more and more accepted as good science, but it does upend the traditional nutritional pyramid that we all (including doctors) were taught. See the video here for a brief explanation of the what and why of this way of eating:
  • Even if you don't have any health issues, it's always good to discuss this kind of diet change with your doctor. We had a great conversation with our doctor who was supportive in helping us get blood tests along the first few months to see how we were progressing.
  • It's supposed to take a couple months to really adapt. You may start to see results quickly, but, some people will hit plateaus and stop losing weight. Don't give up - these are normal and there are tricks to get things moving again while still staying in ketosis and keep up on the way of eating.
  • Make SURE you watch your electrolytes—read the FAQ below closely regarding salt, and supplementing magnesium and potassium.
  • There is a LOT to take in, but it's very doable, and we actually found that it simplified our meal planning and cooking.


Gary Taubs book cover - Why We Get Fat and What to Do About ItBooks and Websites

If you want to start with a book, Gary Taubes's books in general, but especially Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It, is usually referenced as THE keto bible:  He also wrote The Case Against Sugar.

The Basics

Reddit overview: 

Diet Doctor is a great resource:

The FAQ (read this again and again—you'll continue to get more out of it each time, or notice things that didn't register before)

Keto Food PyramidThe Keto Food Pyramid

Keto food pyramid:  

The Science

The Community 

Female Focused Community

(because of course it works a little differently for us)


2 Keto Dues Podcast CoverPodcasts 



****IMPORTANT TIP FOR SUCCESS**** There ARE keto substitutes for the breads and sweets that we are removing from our diet, but they'e often complicated and time consuming. I've seen people jump into the replacement recipes for all their fave carb-heavy goodies, and then give up on keto because "it's so much work." 

Stick to whole foods and simpler recipes for the first few months, it will make it less stressful as you retrain yourself. However, for most of us, there's that one comfort food we just can't give up. Find your one thing and research the keto options. For us, it was pizza (we had pizza almost once a week pre-keto):

For dessert, whipped cream (with a drop or two of sucralose or a tablespoon of liqueur) with a few berries or shaved chocolate kept us from feeling deprived.

When we're just not up for cooking, we get some pork rinds and a fave dip, or salami and cheese, and some veggies. Simple, fast, and with a glass of wine, a genuine pleasure.

Breakfast? Scrambled eggs, bacon, and an avocado. Done. It's simple, easy, and tasty!


Asparagus with pancetta - totally amazing and totally keto
Asparagus with pancetta - totally amazing and totally keto

Recently we found Urvashi Pitre's Keto Instant Pot Cookbook and it's been amazing! Definitely worth it if you have an instant pot!





Urvashi Pitre - Keto Instant Pot Cookbook book cover